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The Home Screen

The Overview page is the home screen. It lets you track your progress for the day: medication, carb intake , water intake and physical activity; the four events are repeated throughout the four periods of the day: morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime.

The Data logs, specifically the medication and carb intake entries, are collated where your average insulin administered and actual carb intake, can be compared with your prescribed insulin dose and carb limits set by your health care team, respectively.

This will give helpful insights to your health care team whether to make adjustments on your insulin dosage or  on your carbs limits to best hit your HbA1c target; or to address other factors that may be causing the elevated blood sugar levels, such as stress  or unhealthy habits and lifestyle.

The app collates data on a three month period, so it is best to synchronize your schedule for your next HbA1c test, immediately after when the 3 month period ends. The more data you log, the more useful your summary report will be.                 


Screen Shot - Home Screen Arrows.jpg
Color Legend

Prescribed Dose

deviation / adjustments

Actual Insulin Administered

Carb intake during a main meal

Carb intake during a snack

Total Carbs

Number of squares is the target number of glasses of water

Green means completed

Gray means missed

Duration of physical activity


The widgets located at top lets you access the different graphs, records and reports. While the widgets on the bottom lets you access the different counters needed for daily use. The arrows widgets allow you to move backward or forward between dates.

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