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Graphs and Summaries

FourTicks uses color coded graphs. Under the Range View, the values are categorized according to the meal period. This will help easily identify which certain meal period is problematic or needs special attention. The color legends are shown at the bottom of the screen.

The graph uses weekly timeframe. Tap the arrow widgets to move back and forth between current and previous weeks.

period view.png

Tap Now

Under the Period View, the blood sugar readings are categorized as hypoglycemia, normal, or hyperglycemia. This will help

identify the frequency of high blood sugar or low blood sugar episodes and what time of the day these episodes occur.


Zoom in and out the graph by pinching the screen. And tap on the points or dots to see logged details surrounding a blood sugar reading.

The Summary is the data collated from the entries made on the daily Overview Page covering a period of three calendar month.

3 month Summary.png

In managing diabetes, it's important to be able to identify what causes your blood sugar to go up or down, and how certain activities affect your blood sugar levels.


To illustrate, the two images above indicate that in both scenarios, the post meals are high, but the causes are different.

In the first image, the patient is consuming to much carb, above the prescribed limit.

While on the second image, uncorrected pre-meal high blood sugar  is the cause of post meal highs.

Watch the video to learn how to navigate the menus of FourTicks mobile app.


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