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Diabetes Food & Nutrition
Russet Potatoes
Get Your Facts Straight On Diabetes Friendly Starches

Starch is one of the three categories of carbohydrates, others being sugar and fiber. Starch is a very important source of energy and the most commonly consumed carbohydrate. Starches are made up of a combination of many sugar molecules, and thus they are referred to as complex carbohydrates.

Food Knolling
A List of Low to High GI Foods

A quick list of food with low GI to high GI scores.

Healthy Breakfast
Low GI Recipes

by glycemic index foundation

Identifying low GI foods is only part of the challenge when it comes to healthy eating. Including them into a delicious and nutritious meal is the next step. To provide you with inspiration, we have provided delicious recipes to try.

Cheesecake with Figs
Diabetes: You can have a cheat meal and stay healthy

by Mandy Freeman for

You're at a party and cake is served. As a diabetic, what do you do? The good news is you can have your cake and eat it, the trick is to follow a balanced diet. Dietitian Leanne Katzenellenbogen tells us how.

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