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     There are numerous factors that can affect one’s blood sugar levels , this includes stress , illness, lack of sleep, alcohol, side effects from other medication, menstrual periods , and anything else that brings about hormonal changes in the body which are beyond one's control. This makes diabetes very challenging and frustrating even for the most experienced insulin-dependent persons.


     However, there are 4 factors which affects blood sugar levels, that are regulable / controllable  by the person with diabetes, namely: medication, diet, hydration (water intake) and physical activity; and are distinctly measured throughout the 4 periods of the  the day: mornings, afternoons, evenings and bedtimes.

    There are also 4 elements as well, that play key roles in successful blood sugar management:

  • Attitude of the person living with diabetes – successful blood sugar management begins with proper self-care management and ends with having a good attitude towards adherence to treatment plan.

  • Doctor / Health Care Team – there is no need for emphasis on what role doctors and  health care team play in diabetes management. Doctor visits or consultations with health care team are vital in averting long term complications.

  • Support Group / Health Buddy – the importance of a support group or a health buddy should not be underestimated as diabetes can sometimes be overwhelming as it impacts many areas of daily life.

  • Data – testing blood sugars regularly to detect patterns and taking notes are essential in finding blood glucose patterns and in understanding the causes-and-effects of certain daily life activities.

      Hence, the moniker FourTicks is employed to aid in fixing in the mind the four main elements to simplify the mental process involved in managing diabetes. With this simplified approach, FourTicks aims to empower persons with diabetes to take charge of their health and allow them to function normally in other aspects of daily life.

What are the FourTicks?

Tips on Diabetes Self Care Management 

​Diabetes self care management requires a lot of learning, decision making, and taking action. Here are some tips on what to do on different scenarios.


Staying focused.

Low blood sugar.

Best way to deal with hypoglycemia.

Extreme Blood Sugar Spikes.

Doing exercise safely.

Staying active.

Outdoor fun.

Taking diabetes to the beach.
Navigating parties with diabetes. 
Dining Out.png

Getting Social.


Body Care.png

Diabetes Body Care:

Feet, Skin, Teeth & Gums

Staying in the game.

Diabetes Management Simplified with FourTicks.
What are the fourticks Repeat
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