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Blood Sugar Reading Entries

FourTicks was designed not only to allow you to jot down notes surrounding a blood sugar reading, but also to make these notes easily accessible, without having to scroll endlessly up or down on your phone screen.

This feature is useful in studying the causes or effects of activities that affect your blood sugar.

The Blood Sugar Details screen will

appear when you tap the points or dots

on the graphs page.

Fourticks also has a feature that allows users to jot down hypoglycemia episodes which are not confirmed by a blood sugar test.

These episodes are identified by a special color dot, appearing as         on the PERIOD VIEW graph.

 ​​As symptoms of hypoglycemia is unique per individual and can change over time, differentiating a hypoglycemia episode (confirmed by a blood sugar test) from a perceived hypoglycemia is also necessary in managing blood sugar levels.

HypoShortCut Size 80.png

Hypoglycemia Episodes

Jotting down Blood Sugar Entries

Watch the video to learn how to jot down details for your blood sugar reading.

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