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by iMedicalApps on Oct. 19, 2017

- designed in tandem by

a person with diabetes and

a registered nurse.

FourTicks is a mobile app for persons living with diabetes. It was  conceptualized to take out the complexity of blood sugar management and was designed to simplify adherence to treatment plan. The screen interface of the mobile app is devoid from clutter of information that confuses diabetics even more, and employs a design where users can direct their focus on the 4 ticks of diabetes self-care activities: taking medication, limiting carb intake, staying hydrated and keeping physically active. The data logs made by the persons with diabetes are also made useful to doctors, with the use of efficient data visualization. With FourTicks, doctors will be able to get valuable insights to HbA1c test results. The app is full of functionalities and includes an injection site tracker and schedulers / reminders.

Help your doctor help you!

The Goal 

To have a gray pie : 
normal blood sugar range throughout the whole  day! 
Repeat the FourTicks.

Take medication

Watch carb intake

Keep hydrated

Stay physically active

The Tasks

 - inside FourTicks -

Colored graphs categorized according to the four periods of the day, easily exposes errors and flaws in the blood sugar management. Another color coded graph also indicates the frequency of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. 

Erratic Graph.png
period view.png

Every prick tells a story. The notes feature allows users to ​jot down important details surrounding a blood sugar reading, like symptoms , timing and other small but circumstantial details. As everyone's  body is unique and  works differently, the notes and references will help user understand how his  body works with medication, certain types of food, stress and activity. 

- other Features -
Site Tracker 2.PNG

Injection Site Tracker

Reports - Regimen.PNG

Insulin Regimen History

Lab Test Results.png

Laboratory Test Records

- what's NEW    
  • Reminders can be scheduled to test blood sugar on different times each day of the week.
  • Other tasks and schedules include foot care,  dental check up and more.
Annie Marie 

Type 1 Diabetic

 - who we are -

Registered Nurse


Web Developer / Designer

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